5 Reasons to Become an STNA Before Nursing School

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Sep 8, 2015

Are you considering a career as a nurse? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while after hearing about the numerous benefits that come along with a career in the healthcare field. But, nursing school is challenging and the demands of a nurse might be more than you bargain for. Plus there are so many degrees, licensures and certifications that nurses can receive. How far up the ladder do you really want to go? What if you start school and then find out you don’t like nursing at all? What then? So, the question remains; is a career in nursing right for you?

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Fortunately, the solution to this common problem is easy: become certified as a State Tested Nursing Assistant first. Working as an STNA can be an intelligent way to decide if a long-term career in nursing really is what you want, as here are five reasons why.

  1. It may be a requirement for other nursing school programs. Today, more and more nursing schools are requiring incoming students to already possess a State Tested Nursing Assistant certification. Not every school does, but if you’re seriously considering nursing school, be sure to check on this first.
  2. STNA’s gain a strong foundational understanding of the nursing field. Training and working as an STNA is a great way to gain valuable insight and skills related to nursing that will guide you throughout any future studies. This training helps you to become proficient at learning teamwork, establishing a pleasing bedside manner, proper record keeping of vital signs, and other aspects related to patient care.
  3. You’ll earn a steady salary in a related field.  Working as an STNA is a respectable career choice that many people stay with most of their lives. It provides you with a steady income, benefits, a retirement plan, and insurance benefits. Financially, it can be a fantastic career option. But, if you’re using your STNA certification as a stepping-stone toward a higher degree nursing career, it can help you pay for your education along the way.
  4. Use your STNA training to determine if a lifelong career in nursing is right for you.  Not sure if you’re really into nursing for the long-term? Many nursing specialties can require significant schooling and work experience lasting several years. If you’re interested in nursing, but not sure if the environment and job requirements are something you can handle day-in and day-out, then working as an STNA can help you get your feet wet in the industry. If this kind of work isn’t really for you, then you’ve saved yourself years of time and money paying for an education you won’t truly benefit from.
  5. Working as an STNA gives you purpose. The daily responsibilities that STNAs are responsible for are challenging and rewarding. As an STNA, you’ll be needed for various aspects of direct patient care, assisting both patients and nurses in a variety of capacities. In Ohio, you’ll work primarily with patients in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. This work can bring with it a sense of purpose and impact as you care for patients who are often lonely and vulnerable. You really make a difference in their lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones.

Training to become an STNA at Athena Career Academy is both affordable and quick, and our students finish with a solid foundation that prepares them for an introductory career in the medical field. To learn more about the STNA program at Athena, simply schedule an introductory meeting with one of our admissions specialists and find out if a career in nursing is the right fit for you.

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