5 Steps to Advance In Your Career as a PN

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Apr 27, 2017


It is normal to wonder where your nursing career will take you in the next 10 or 20 years. It is possible to have more control of your career path with a few steps. Considering advancing your career is a way to continue improving and challenging yourself. By taking the below steps you will be set for the future. Here is how to advance as a practical nurse.

Invest In Education

In any career path, education is extremely important in advancing. It not only advances your career but it opens up new opportunities for you in the future. If you are a practical nurse looking to advance in management, you can take certifications that pertain to management. Education requires commitment especially when you are working and studying at the same time.

Have a Mentoring Relationship

A mentor-mentee relationship takes time to develop and they happen organically. To find a mentor you must first identify a person whom you consider a role model and you are comfortable with. Never be afraid to ask for wisdom advice or coaching for another professional. A mentor is often an older more experienced professional. They are in a position to give you real life information and advice that can be valuable in your career. Your mentor not only helps you develop your skills but can also be an ally when you are applying for a new position.

Build and Utilize networks

Apart from a mentor, a practical nurse looking to advance in their career should work to build as many positive relationships as possible. Learn how to network. By meeting new people you exchange ideas and gain new information about approaches to solving problems. There are many groups nationally or in the community that helps nurses connect. Join such professional networks and meet like-minded individuals. As the world changes community networking and global networking are becoming central to how business is conducted today.

Pursue Professionalism

As a nurse, some key components of professionalism include honesty, confidentiality, respect and strong interpersonal skills with people. By pursuing professionalism you will stand out from your peers. Maintaining high standards of professionalism can earn you recognition from your superiors making you a lead candidate for opportunities that arise. Professionals who represent the values of the company and offer excellent customer services are most sought after. Be the most sought after nurse among your peers.

Continue Personal Development

There is always room for improvement no matter how good you are. Focus on communication skills such as being an active listener and conflict management. You should also work on honing your problem-solving skills. Cultivate your leadership skills even though you are not in a leadership position. You can look for positions outside the organization to practice your leadership skills.

Getting ahead in your career is not always easy, but taking small steps in the right direction will get you where you want to be. Personal and professional development is a place to start. Do not stop at that, invest in your education and pursue other certifications available. You can start by enrolling for classes at Athena Career Academy. If you follow the above steps you are sure to advance in your PN career.

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