7 Things Medical Assistants Love About Their Job

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Nov 6, 2020

The secret is out: medical assistants really love their job. In fact, many of them consider it more of a calling than a job; but don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve been talking with some medical assistants about their career, and here are some of the things they love so much about it.

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1. Jump Starting Your Career Quickly

Unlike other careers in healthcare, which can take several years to complete, medical assistants can begin working in the medical field much sooner, often within a year or less. This is an excellent option for those who need to start earning money quickly, and don’t have a lot of time to devote toward earning a degree.

2. Being in High Demand

Finding a job in some fields can be tough, but luckily for medical assistants, they continue to be considered high in demand. Career growth for medical assisting continues to increase at a faster rate than almost any other occupation, ensuring job security for years to come.

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3. Good Pay and Career Stability

Along with being high in demand, the pay and benefits for medical assistants aren’t bad either. Not only is medical assisting a stable career with plenty of growth potential, but the average wage for a medical assistant continues to rise.

4. Family Friendly Work Schedule

For many healthcare professionals, their schedules are anything but family friendly, as they may be required to work rotating shifts that almost always include holidays. However, unlike many other healthcare professions, medical assisting can be family friendly when it comes to providing a standard, 40 hours per week schedule. Medical assisting can be an ideal fit for those seeking a stable and predictable work schedule.

5. Diverse Job Training and Experiences

Medical assistants are unique as they are cross trained to perform a variety of duties and skills, from clinical to administrative. The versatility of a medical assistant ensures that you’ll likely never become bored on the job as there’s always something different to do or learn.

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6. Endless Career Path Options

The medical assistant career path is nearly limitless as they are capable of performing so many clinical and administrative tasks that are critical to running both a clinic and a medical office. MA’s have plenty of career options to choose from, whether they want to specialize in a particular area of medicine (obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc.), continue their education to become a nurse, or transition into an office manager or administrative assistant. There are numerous medical assistant career path options available to those MA’s looking for a change of pace or setting.

7. Making a Difference

MA’s are so much more than simply an assistant; they are often the face of the office or clinic as they are usually the first person a patient comes into contact with. Medical assistants have the potential to make a positive impact on a patient’s life, as they offer compassion and assistance. Medical assisting is a rewarding career that you can feel proud of.

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It’s no wonder why so many people are considering a career in medical assisting, as where else can you find a career offering so many benefits without having to sacrifice a significant amount of time and money in order to get there? If you’re looking for an exciting, diverse, and stable career in the medical field that you can begin quickly, then medical assisting might be just the right fit for you as well!

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