A Few Simple Tips for Overcoming Stress in Nursing School

Posted by Athena Career Academy on May 3, 2016

Earning your degree in nursing school can put you under a lot of pressure as a student. Some studies have shown that stress levels associated with nursing school students can sometimes outweigh stress levels of students enrolled in:

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  • Medical school programs
  • Social work programs
  • Pharmacology programsschedule5.jpg

Stress can be caused by a variety of factors during nursing school and can potentially add significant emotional and psychological pressure to your daily life. The demands and expectations of a nursing school student can certainly increase your stress. Increasing stress levels can occur from a variety of factors that can include everything from finding the best program for enrollment, maintaining grades or passing the NCLEX licensing exams for your final certification. 

What can I do to relieve my stress?

There is no way to completely rid your life from stress. In some situations getting some stress out can actually be healthy. However, if you find yourself about to buckle under the pressures associated with earning your nursing degree it is imperative to find a way to lessen your overall stress level. 

There are a wide variety of ways to relieve stress, and everyone is different in how they respond to various methods. A specific relaxation method may work wonders for you but can potentially work just the opposite way for another. It's recommended to use more than one method in your daily regimen in order to gain maximum benefit. Experiment with different techniques in order to find the one that works best for you. Everyone is different, but there are some common practices that have been proven to be effective for lowering stress levels with nursing school students when used regularly.

  • Get plenty of rest - This allows your brain to take daily experiences and store them in long term memory effectively. It is usually recommended to get at least 7 - 9 hours of sleep. 
  • Set realistic goals - It's essential to set smaller goals along the way while navigating nursing school. By setting quarterly or class-by-class goals, you benefit from the feeling of achievement regularly throughout your enrollment. 
  • Find a reliable study partner - Being able to relate to another classmate, who understands exactly what you are going through, gives you both the opportunity to study together for an impending exam in a particular class, or practice for the state board exam together. 
  • Pace yourself - Maintain a healthy pace with your work-load. It's incredibly easy to fall behind in your work, especially when you add labs and clinicals to your schedule. Additionally, if you are like most and juggling responsibilities like caring for your family and/or working full or part time as well that can add a good deal of pressure. Don't procrastinate, as this can lead to 'cramming' or 'all-nighters' which can potentially be counter-productive.
  • Love what you do - You may get frustrated, overwhelmed, or even break down but it's important to remember that once you graduate you will be working successfully within a profession that is recognized as one of the most admirable in the world. 

How can I get started in my new nursing career?

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