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Common Nursing School Struggles to Prepare For

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Oct 30, 2015

5 Struggles and Stresses of Nursing School

If you’ve ever talked to anyone in nursing school, whether currently or in the past, you’ve probably heard how challenging it is; seemingly impossible for some, actually. They’ve probably told you the horror stories of terrible teachers, those countless sleepless nights, and more studying that you’ve ever dreamed of. And, that’s all AFTER the enormous task of actually getting accepted into nursing school first.

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As with most horror stories, there’s usually a little bit of truth mixed in with even more exaggeration. So, if you’re considering nursing school, it’s important to learn what some of the most common, and real, struggles are that nursing students face on a regular basis.

  1. Time Management- There’s no getting around the fact that nursing school demands a lot from hopeful students. For many students, managing their time between difficult classes, lab work, clinical hours, and studying for tests, tests, and more tests can be excruciating. Then, if they also have to add in work, personal lives, and family into the mix, nursing school can seem like a nightmare.

But, good time management planning from the start can help relieve some of these problems. Keep detailed lists of all assignments, schedules, and responsibilities. Find a trusted friend or family member to help you stay on task each day. And, most importantly, make a list of your priorities, and work on that list to help you stay motivated and on task each day.

  1. Athena Career Academy is a nursing school located in Toledo Ohio. Contact us today to begin your new journey in the nursing field!Abundance of Material- With all of those classes, tests, and labs, there is an abundance of material to memorize, apply, and store away. Your brain will feel like it’s going to explode. But in reality, this is only a small portion of what you’ll need to know for the real world of nursing. Staying organized is crucial as you attempt to learn everything. There are numerous study tips available online to help, so find out what ways you learn best and jump right in. Never turn down help from your teachers, pick your study groups wisely, and be sure to pick a school that offers a learning environment that’s conducive to your learning style.
  2. Career vs. Calling- This can be a huge struggle for many nursing students who get discouraged part way through school. Why are you in this field? Do you have a passion and a love for helping the sick and vulnerable through medicine, or do you just think that nursing would offer you a stable income after graduation? Is nursing a life calling for you, or is it just a good job choice? There isn’t a wrong answer, but the one you choose will often determine your perspective throughout nursing school, and beyond. Nursing school is tough, and having a passion and love for nursing will help get your through those dark and difficult times.
  3. Knowing the Difference of Right vs. More Right Answers- Throughout your educational experience, the goal is always to know the right answers for your tests, right? The typical progression is as follows: know the right answers, pass the tests, pass the classes, and then graduate. Pretty simple. However, in nursing, the right answer is sometimes WRONG. Yep. In nursing, there are right answers and then there are more right answers. The trick is in knowing which is which. Your instructors will often right your exams, so get to know them and their preferences or practices. In medicine, there are textbook answers, and then there are real-life applications that often take very different turns from what the textbooks say. Ask questions; don’t try to argue about “technically right” answers. Learn from these differences and move on.
  4. Finding Free Time- At the end of the day, your brain will be screaming for a break from the terminology, procedures, and scenarios. It can be a struggle to find some down time to relax and stop thinking about nursing school. Be intentional to set aside some time each week for yourself. This will be important for your own mental health as you progress through your nursing school journey. Whether that includes spending time with family or friends, picking up a hobby, or taking time to exercise, it’s important to do something for yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of being so consumed with nursing school (as this can easily happen!) that you sacrifice all of the people and things that are important to you, too.

Nursing school really is extremely challenging, but in life, most of the things that are worthwhile usually are. Don’t let any rumored nursing school challenges stop you from pursing your dream. The right school wants to see you succeed, and will do everything possible to help prepare you for a career in nursing.

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