How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Oct 22, 2019

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

Deciding to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) has become a popular career choice and for good reason. Medical Assistants play an important role in the healthcare field, providing assistance to physicians and working directly with patients. Certified Medical Assistants are unique because they are capable of performing a wide variety of duties from taking vital signs to preparing patients for exams, to office billing and administrative tasks. 

Due to their wide range of highly marketable skills, the Department of Labor lists medical assisting as one of the fastest growing occupations, with both strong and stable long-term growth potential.

One of the most common, frequently asked questions is how long does it take to become a certified medical assistant?

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The good news is, the training and educational process are relatively short compared to other healthcare careers, allowing students to jump in and get started quickly, so they can embark on their new medical assistant career relatively soon. There are some basic admission requirements that must be met prior to starting the program, such as completing an application, attending an informational meeting with an admissions representative, and attending an orientation, among other things.

At Athena Career Academy, the medical assistant certification program is approximately 800 hours of study, taught over a period of approximately 7.5 months, with an additional 6-week externship at the end.

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The CMA program at Athena includes 640 hours of classroom instruction and lab participation, along with 160 externship hours. During the externship, the student will be able to practice acquired skills in a real-life healthcare environment (setting), as well as closely interact with the doctor and medical staff. Upon successful completion of the course, including externship hours, students will then receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to take the National Certification Exam.

Some of the course work students will complete during their training include the fundamentals of medical assisting, anatomy and physiology, psychological aspect of patient care, medical terminology, CPR, first aid and emergency care.

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Medical assistants are not required to be certified in all states, however, most employers prefer to hire those who have the formal training and certification, such as the CMA program offered at Athena Career Academy.

If you’re considering a career you can proud of where you can help others and really make a difference, then a medical assistant career could be the perfect fit. With Athena Career Academy’s Certified Medical Assisting program, you will have the confidence and the skills to be completely prepared to begin your prosperous and exciting medical assisting career. Contact us today!

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