How to Make Sure Your LPN License Travels With You When You Move

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Nov 22, 2016

bigstock-Medical-tourism-concept--613124551.jpgWhile a sense of adventure is necessary for travel nurses, practicality and preparation are an important part of the equation. Travel nurses are contractors that can either be self-employed or hired through an agency to fill in positions at clinics, hospitals, and national private practices. Varying on intervals, the nurses can also work globally. When it comes to obtaining an LPN license, nurses are advised to steer clear of potential pitfalls that could arise.

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Your Licensing Matters

In every state you travel to, you will need a proper state license. It is necessary to decide ahead of time where you want to accept assignments and apply for a license in the targeted state. Every state has particular requirements for licensure endorsement. There are states such as Florida that require prerequisite contact hours. Others require notarized copies of nursing licenses.

Timing is Critical

The state you plan to work in can bring on unique difficulties and stipulations. For example, if you plan to work in Florida bear in mind that a license application takes a minimum of six to eight weeks to process there. Whenever a travel nurse plans to embark on a travel career, licensure should always be the first plan of action. If the steps are taken early, it is possible to hit the ground running once the application is submitted to a travel nursing company.

Planning and Preparation

Moving to a different state can impact you physically and mentally. You must, therefore, ensure that your Toledo OH license will transfer well and you have the correct documentation. In fact, consider how your license will be affected when you move. Although the process is not complex, it can take several months to finalize all the details. The first step of obtaining your license of practice is applying. 

Every state has a website that describes the entire process of licensing. By visiting the National Council of State Board of Nursing, you can find the requirements of each state. While at it, get familiar with the process of transferring licenses. There are states that will allow a nurse to move to their state as a licensed practical nurse without having to obtain a new license; what’s referred to as reciprocity.

Other states will demand endorsements to allow a nurse to work actively as the new state of resident reviews certain criteria to issue a state LPN license. If you are moving to a state that belongs to NLC, and you live in a nurse licensure compact state, you are not expected to submit any documentation. To receive a license in some states, a nurse may be required to take a practical nursing exam. The moment you familiarize yourself with the requirements, you can build time for the necessary verification and the qualifying factors.

Temporary Licenses

If you supply the required documentation from your licensing state, the state you are moving to may opt to issue a temporary license. In most states, the temporary license is valid for at least three months. Various states have a go-easy licensing policy, a process that enables nurses to obtain their licenses within two working days provided there is an active license in another state. Check with your local Toledo OH board to get requirements specifics before applying for a license to avoid delays and sidestep licensure problems.

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