The Most Important Tools You Need to Become a Nurse

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 7, 2015

When it comes to choosing a career path, some people know right away what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing. But, for others, the decision can be a little more difficult to make. The journey toward a new occupation can be a difficult and costly one at times, so once you decide on a career direction, it’s important to be prepared for what you can expect along the way.

This advanced preparation is crucial for helping you successfully advance through your career; especially if you have chosen to become a nurse. If you’ve decided that nursing is the career path you’re most interested in, there are some tools that will prove to be extremely beneficial throughout your education, job search, and career experiences. Use them wisely from the very start of your nursing career and you’ll be bound for success.

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  1. Consider if Nursing is a good fit for your personality and interests. You may think that nursing is the career path for you because you’re interested in medicine. But there are certain characteristic qualities that nurses must have in order for success. Do you: work well with people; have a sense of humor, a sense or hope and optimism, or a deeper understanding of life and death; can you compartmentalize your work life and private life? Are compassion, perseverance, and patience strong qualities traits that others observe in you? And, most importantly, consider whether you are squeamish or not around blood and bodily fluids. You need to be sure that nursing really is a good fit for you.

  2. 872015Take your nursing education seriously. Start off by carefully choosing a nursing school that is fully accredited. This means that the school has all of the accreditations necessary to efficiently train you to pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exam. From day one, be sure to go above and beyond in all of your classes and clinicals. Set yourself apart from others in your class and make a good impression with your teachers and other professionals in the medical community. Make sure you find a school that fits best for you, AND is considered a highly respectable educational provider within the medical community.

  3. Have a network of nursing and medical professionals you’re connected with. This network of individuals will help you gain firsthand experience, knowledge, opinions, and real life stories about everything that nursing entails. Here, you’ll gain access to future job opportunities and potential references when you apply for openings. This network of nurses will offer you much of the additional assistance and support you’ll need outside of the classroom.

  4. Maintain a desire to continually learn. Advances in medicine occur almost every day. If you want to become a nurse, know that your education and training won’t end the moment you receive your diploma, licensure, or certification. Regularly read medical journals and blogs, and keep up to date on medical news and events. This will help give you an educational advantage while you’re in training, and then throughout your professional career.

  5. Be Patient. This is in a category of it’s own, separate from tip number one. The reason why is because patience is vital through every part of your journey toward becoming a nurse. Nursing school can be very difficult. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up. Finding your ideal job in the perfect location can take time. Be patient and realize that you may need to work in a few less desirable jobs in order to help build up your resume and work your way up the ladder. And, most importantly, be patient with your patients. Nursing is a very difficult, but rewarding, career. You’re choosing a career to help those who are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, that means caring for difficult people sometimes.

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