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It’s Never Too Late to Enroll in a LPN to RN Program

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Dec 14, 2017

It’s Never Too Late to Enroll in an LPN-RN Program

Figuring out your nursing career can be quite stressful. Even though most people think that being any nurse, be it a practical nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse is good enough, its good to be ambitious and always aim higher.

There is a wide range of tracks in nursing and each option is achieved by earning different degrees and certifications. If you are just starting out, chances are you’ve already heard the debate about being a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or being a registered nurse (RN.)

New Call-to-actionThe Difference Between LPN and RN

The major difference between being an LPN and RN is the education needed to attain the two grades. To be an RN, you will need to take a professional nursing degree program that could take you 18 to 36 months depending on your school. An LPN, on the other hand, could take you as little as 12 months since the practical nursing degree is less demanding.
Consequently, many people have to start off their nursing career by being LPNs before they think of advancing into being RNs.



Why Should You Consider the Upgrade?

Even though the responsibilities of an RN aren’t that different from those of an LPN, you still get some extra clearance and even a higher pay. As a registered nurse, you can perform tests, procedures and even be in charge of certified nursing assistants, LPNs, and medical assistants.

Apart from being career advancement, the job outlook for RNs is better. The demand for RNs is going higher and you get to earn more. With the demand for RNs increasing 19 percent faster than the average in other jobs, being a registered nurse is a great way to secure your career’s future. You should expect to earn anything between $40,000 and $100,000 depending on your experience, education, and place of work.

It’s Never Too Late to Make the LPN-RN Move

Becoming an RN isn’t that hard if you are already an LPN. Actually, the training and experience you gather as an LPN will not only make the transition easier but also help you become a better RN once you graduate.

Special programs known as LPN to RN Bridge programs are designed to help make the move as seamless as possible.

As an LPN, you will be eligible to credit exemption once you register for your RN training. You might either get this exemption straightaway or have to take certain tests to ensure that you have mastered the skills you gathered during your LPN training and the time you took on the field. The transfer credit option will not only cut down your training time but could also lower your tuition fees hence giving you a better shot at making ends meet.

The flexibility of the training and the fact that you can always take part-time classes means that it is never too late to make the LPN-RN move. All you need is the motivation and desire to advance in your career.

Choose the Right Institution to Succeed

Your success lies in your ability to choose the perfect training institution to help you do the LPN-RN Bridge in the most convenient way possible. If you’re already an LPN, chances are that you’ll still be working as you take your classes. Look for a school that offers part-time classes or even lets you do your bridging studies online. It’s never too late to advance in your career – especially if you have been practicing and love what you’ve been doing as an LPN. Contact Athena Career Academy today and schedule a tour of our campus.

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