Nine Benefits to Working as an STNA in Toledo Ohio

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Oct 2, 2015

Ever wonder if becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the right career choice for you? Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s worth your time and money to pursue the educational training needed to become an STNA. We’d like to encourage you that a career as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (also known as a Certified Nursing Assistant) is nothing to second-guess. There are tremendous benefits to working as an STNA that can help make the decision an easy one. Check out just a few of these tremendous benefits below:

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  • Gain First-Hand Clinical Experience- If you plan to further your career in the medical field, working as an STNA is a great way to gain valuable clinical experience as you continue with your education. If you are new to the medical field, your work as an STNA will lay a strong foundation of knowledge and preparation for the remainder of your medical career.
  • A Competitive Salary- As an entry level position in the medical career, Certified Nursing Assistants in Ohio can except to earn an average of $25,000 per year. Actual salaries will vary based on your region, job setting, and experience, however, so you may be surprised with what your initial salary may be.
  • Bonuses and Benefits- The base salary for an entry level STNA may not be as lucrative as you’d desire, but there are additional benefits to consider that may make a career as a certified nursing assistant more appealing. As an STNA, you will also receive vacation pay, a pension plan, medical insurance benefits, social security benefits, a 401k contribution, and even bonuses. Your total salary package will most likely exceed $40,000 in total.
  • A Career With a Purpose- If you’re looking to work in a field where you can truly impact the lives of others, and be a real life hero to the vulnerable, then you don’t have to look very far.  STNA’s work tirelessly to encourage, aid, support, and assist the needs of those who are ill or aging. Your work really does mean the world to those you serve.
  • Begin your new career as an STNA in Toledo, Ohio. Job Stability- There is a tremendous need for Certified Nursing Assistants throughout Ohio. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding employment, as there is a wide range of job opportunities available.  A nursing career is a stable choice; one you can be sure to find work in after you complete your training. 
  • Professional Growth- Great jobs allow you to grow and develop as a professional as you do your job. As an STNA, you’ll develop skills that you can carry with you as you make your way up the ladder of success in the medical field. You’ll hone your critical thinking skills, strengthen your leadership skills, improve your interpersonal communication capabilities and learn how to function calmly under pressure. These are valuable skills that will benefit you later on down the road, no matter what future field you are in.
  • Job Flexibility- Working as an STNA offers you some job flexibility outside of the standard 9 to 5 work shift. You’ll have the ability to choose from full-time or part-time positions, and may be able to work nights or weekends if that would accommodate your personal needs better.
  • Challenging Work Environment- Working as a Nursing Assistant is not a boring career. Every day will be challenging and different, presenting you with opportunities to practice patience, perseverance, compassion, problem solving, and support. You’ll continually learn and grow as a nurse, and hone your skills to become a better nurse every day.
  • Diverse Work Settings- As an STNA, you’re not limited to working only in a hospital or nursing home. There are actually a variety of work settings that you can consider. Hospice care facilities, patients’ homes, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers and health clinics also provide employment opportunities to consider.

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