Six Tips for a Well-Rounded Nursing Education

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jan 31, 2017


Nurses account for the largest percentage of health care providers; there are 3.1 million registered nurses working nationwide. With more individuals training as nurses, there is pressure to make the best of your nursing career education to excel in the workplace.

Here are six tips to help you get a well-rounded nursing career education:


Plan your schedule in advance to make sure you allocate enough time to your nursing career education, family, and social life. Remember to allocate time to group study sessions, practical lessons, consultations with lectures, and library time. Proper planning will help you avoid missing important occasions both in school and in your personal life. Rely on your support network every time you feel overwhelmed, and consult them when scheduling to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Develop Interpersonal & Social Skills

Interpersonal and social skills help you develop healthy relationships with your patients and co-workers. Spend your term in nursing school developing these skills by socializing with others. Express yourself in class and in group settings, and learn to take both negative and positive feedback. Interact with socially skilled people, including your tutors, and ask for their feedback on your social skills. Practice on areas that need improvement by exposing yourself to different social setups.

Be Present

Balancing your nursing career education, job and family life can take a toll on you, and affect your performance in class. Learn to live in the moment; avoid thinking about your home or work when in class. Concentrate on the present task and make the most of each moment. Being present allows you to benefit from each task; this can help you grasp more and improve your performance in class. Use the same approach in your home and work to maintain a healthy balance.

Gain Practical Experience

Take advantage of opportunities available to students to gain practical experience in patient care. For example, volunteer at care homes, children’s orphanages or in healthcare facilities that accommodate learners. Alternatively, ask your lecturers or nurses in your area to allow you to shadow them as they carry out their duties or use your school holidays to work for free in facilities where you get to practice your nursing and patient care skills. Practical experience helps you excel in class and improve your resume, giving you access to better entry-level jobs.  


Your nursing career education allows you to meet lecturers, mentors, advisors and colleagues, who may help you later in your career. Attend networking events and make as many connections as possible. Your network will assist you with notes, in study groups, and with advice to help you excel in school and later in your career. They may also help you in your job search or when looking for career advancement opportunities. The network you build in school will create a foundation for your career.

Stay curious

Take your early nursing classes seriously; you will need the general knowledge in the workplace regardless of your specialization. Soak in as much knowledge as possible in the medical field, and make an effort to gain additional knowledge out of class. Study relevant medical journals and publications, learn about new trends in the field and gain more knowledge on patient care. Overall, use the time you spend in your nursing career education to become a well-rounded individual that can handle any situation.


Nursing school presents you with stressful situations that prepare you for a high-pressure career working with patients. The positive habits you cultivate in school help you prepare for and manage real-life situations. Schedule a Campus Tour at Athena Career Academy. We are the leading nursing school located in Toledo, Ohio.

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