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The Art and Science of Nursing

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 9, 2018

Art and Science of Nursing

People who pursue professions in the medical field usually have a few specific characteristics in common. They usually have a desire to help people and were good at their science classes in school.

If this is you, know that you’re in good company. On any given day, more than 2.5 million nurses go to work to help the sick, injured and hurting find hope and healing through the medical system. But, the work of a nurse involves far more expertise than memorizing all 206 bones of the human body or counting pills for patients. When nurses and their patients connect on a personal level, the result is a beautiful experience for both groups.

The medical pursuit of nursing is essential for health and healing, but to truly offer holistic treatment for patients, individuals working in the field must embrace both the art and the science of nursing.

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The Science of Nursing- A Medical Pursuit to Healing

Every day, nurses must put years of scientific study, theory and training in practice as they care for the sick and injured. They must put their work into practice based on measurable and observable evidence, they are always learning, and must serve all groups within the larger medical community. A nurse’s job responsibilities include:

  • Dispersing medicines and IVs to patients that must be measured and determined precisely
  • Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving in fast-paced environments where medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly
  • Following strict medical procedures and rules to ensure that patients are properly and adequately cared for without negligence
  • Have an established understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and other physical sciences

On top of all of this, nurses have the responsibility of compartmentalizing emotion from the rest of their work. Every day, nurses are faced with the realities of sickness, injury and death. In order to protect their psychological well-being, nurses must learn to take emotional feeling out of the equation while caring for their patients. Not doing so can lead to nursing burnout.

The Art of Nursing- A Relational Duty to Effective Nursing

While a nurse must spend a significant portion of time during every shift focusing on the scientific aspects of the job, there’s another important responsibility that should never be ignored. Nurses have a unique encounter with every patient they help. A nurse often acts as the communication bridge between physicians and their patients and their families.

This involves establishing a level of trust and familiarity that patients can count on. Through building relationships with their patients, nurses are able to provide a holistic level of care that treats a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Often times, there can be a direct connection between a patient’s physical health conditions and other aspects of their lives. A nurse can help discover those connections.

Nurses must also understand:

  • Cultural sensitivity toward diverse groups of patients
  • The complexities of family dynamics
  • Difficult emotions that accompany illness and injury
  • Longevity in the nursing profession involves a special calling or emotional appeal to the career.

The Important Balance Between the Art and the Science of Nursing

Nurses know that the job they perform is an important one. They must have a thorough understanding of science and the role it plays in helping those in need of medical care. Nurses spend a great deal of time, energy and money to become skilled professionals in their field so they can provide the best possible care to those in need.

But, nurses also understand the important role they play in establishing a level of trust and communication between patients and the medical staff. Many times, patients remember the names of their nurses long after they’ve gone home and returned to their regular lives. This connection is not quickly forgotten, and lives are changed because people like you embrace both the art and the science of nursing.

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