The Best Medical Assistants Work Well Under Pressure

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jun 27, 2019

The Best Medical Assistants Work Well Under PressureThinking about becoming a Medical Assistant but you aren’t exactly sure that you’re cut out for a career in the healthcare industry? Medical Assistant jobs can be extremely rewarding, but they also involve a great deal of interaction with patients. This requires excellent communication skills along with a desire to help others.

Here are some essential skills that are highly sought after by healthcare professionals when hiring a Medical Assistant:

Attention to DetailNew Call-to-action

Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of your patients, so it’s crucial to pay close attention to the details. Medical Assistants are highly accurate when doing tasks that don’t allow any room for error, such as when taking vital signs, doing lab work, dispensing medication, charting, and relaying information to patients and doctors.

Those who are highly detail oriented and organized are the type of Medical Assistants who typically do not make sloppy mistakes or very many human errors at all costs.

Strong Communication Skills

Medical Assistants must have strong verbal and written communication skills in order to work effectively with patients and doctors.

Patients tend to respond best to the type of Medical Assistant who is personable and easy to talk to, as well as empathetic and understanding.

Ability to Multi-Task

Medical Assistants may be required to complete multiple different duties, as well as problem solve throughout the day, and should always be prepared for something new or unfamiliar to pop up. The MA who can switch gears at a moment’s notice, multi-task, and work independently without a lot of direction will always be highly in demand.

Dependable and Reliable

Being a Medical Assistant is an ultra-important job with multiple responsibilities and job duties. It’s essential that your patients, as well as your co-workers, feel confident that they can trust you with highly sensitive and guarded health information.

Medical Assistants need to be punctual, reliable, and trustworthy, especially when it comes to following rules and protocol. Patient safety and privacy is of the utmost importance, and Medical Assistants have a responsibility to ensure that these needs are always met.

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Calm Under Pressure

Working in the medical field isn’t for the faint of heart, and sometimes you will encounter difficult patients and situations that will greatly test your patience.

Medical Assistants must be able to stay calm and collected under pressure, as their job environment is one that is fast-paced, chaotic, and at times, stressful.

Tolerance and patience must be employed and utilized at all times, even when you’re occasionally forced to deal with unpleasant patients, co-workers, or messy situations.

Team Player

The best Medical Assistants are those who are team players and can work well with others. Maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude at work won’t go unnoticed, and will be highly contagious, so make sure to spread the good cheer around.

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