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A Nursing School’s Response to The View’s Nursing Jokes

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Sep 21, 2015

You’re Not Just a Nurse: #NursesShareYourStethoscopes

The headlines are everywhere. You’re social media feeds are probably littered with articles about The View and the comments that co-hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins recently made concerning Miss Colorado Kelly Johnson and her talent contribution to the Miss America 2016 pageant. Many have had harsh, critical words to say to the co-hosts; others have had chosen to speak up for nurses and their vital importance within the medical community. By now, you’re probably familiar with the hashtags #nursesunite and #NursesShareYourStethoscopes and others like these.

In case you some how have managed to miss this news, take a minute to hear for yourself the degrading “jokes” that Ms. Behar and Ms. Collins decided to share with the rest of America.

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