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Typical Day For An Early Childhood Education Teacher

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jun 18, 2018

Typical Day For A Preschool Teacher In A Classroom

A typical workday for a teacher is anything but typical. An awesome play for the day can go out the window in a matter of minutes. It is easy to get sidetracked when working with children. That is why important that teacher have a good sense of humor and the ability to think like their students. 

They must also be comfortable dealing with a wide variety of personality types and ability levels, while still treating all their students equally. Teaching definitely is a profession in which you must always expect the unexpected.

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Good And Yet Challenging

Most teachers find watching children change, learn and grown extremely rewarding. But the job can also be extremely stressful.  There will be days students are uncooperative and unmotivated. Sometimes teachers are tasked with heavy workloads and large classes. However, the challenges are often tempered by the reward of inspiring and igniting curiosity in a child.

Just as no two people are identical, no two classes will ever ask the same questions or react in the same manner. This makes for an interesting and fast paced day and week.

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Classroom Preparation

This is the behind-the-scenes element to teaching. Preparing for class is time-consuming and can entail everything from authoring “lesson plans,” to brainstorming tomorrow’s lecture, to developing thought-provoking questions for discussion, to physically setting up a special needs classroom. Many teachers say the spend an extremely large number of undocumented time class planning and planning fun activities to engage students, encourage class participation and hold interest of the students.

Teaching in the Classroom

It is a teacher’s task to bring schools lessons to like.  They must inspire interest in all subject areas, especially those that can be intimidating or considered more difficult. They work to create lesson plans tailored to their students’ level of cognitive ability and interests. Nowadays, teachers are working to move away from traditional methods of teaching and using more creative and abstract ways of presenting topics to their classes.

Parent Interaction

Teachers must notify a student’s parents if a child is having difficulty in the classroom or if a teacher feels that parental involvement would benefit the child’s learning experience. At the elementary school level, teachers generally hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year to discuss the student’s academic progress.

Time flies

Time really seems to fly by for teachers. The school day goes by quickly because of all of the interactions that occur. You encounter a variety of students who have different personalities, abilities, passions, humor, and strengths. Plus, you never know what crazy things kids will say. This makes the classroom environment extremely fast paced.

Teaching can be an extremely rewarding career. The school year can seem to go by quite quickly, but in that time you will help mold and influence the future of a child. If this appeals to you, contact Athena Career Academy to see if teaching is the right career for you.

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