What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Registered Nurses?

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Feb 21, 2017


Registered nurses (RNs) play important roles in the lives of patients. These healthcare professionals do everything from helping patients complete daily tasks to maintaining medical records, modifying treatment plants and beyond. Most RNs enjoy their profession as their work days are full of varied challenges and opportunities to help those in need. Let's take a look at the main responsibilities of RNs.

The Primary Responsibilities of RNs

The typical RN spends a large chunk of time observing, assessing and helping patients. The duties of these medical professionals include but are not limited to the following:

  • Craft comprehensive nursing care plans
  • Administer medications and treatments
  • Monitor symptoms and report alterations in patient status
  • Maintain patient health records
  • Prepare therapies
  • Assist with medical examinations
  • Maintain medical supplies inventory
  • Operate medical equipment
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Perform physical exams
  • Administer medications
  • Provide wound care treatment
  • Conduct research to boost patient outcomes

RNs also advise patients in terms of health maintenance, educate patients regarding home care needs and lend support in an array of other capacities.

RNs are a Part of a Medical Team

RNs work hand-in-hand with medical professionals to determine the best course of treatment. These professionals approach patient treatment as a team. The typical RN consults with physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout the day. They discuss treatment methods, coordinate treatment and follow up with one another regarding patient progression.

The Development and Fostering of Interpersonal Relationships

RNs provide patients with critically important educational support pertaining to medical needs. They also provide psychological and emotional support to patients and family members. The advice and instruction of RNs is especially important when it comes to patient home care needs. RNs instruct and educate patients regarding how to live as independently as possible with limited mobility and/or health ailments.

The importance of these relationships cannot be overstated. The support of RNs is central to the well-being and confidence of their patients. RNs field patient questions, tend to their concerns and are available should the patient require medical assistance or someone to talk to. The best RNs are able to establish a rock-solid rapport with patients as well as their families, making it perfectly clear that a trusted source is always available to help.

Emergency and Post-Surgery Assistance

RNs are also available for medical emergencies. Whether it is a stroke, heart attack, harsh burn or car accident, these nursing professionals understand the proper form of treatment and how to apply it. RNs also play a vital role in medical treatment for post-operative patients on the road to recovery.

Teaching and Travel Opportunities

Some RNs are mobile. They venture across several areas, treating an array of different patients who are in need of nuanced medical services. Traveling RNs enjoy dynamic jobs that allow them to help a wide variety of individuals, experience new environments and add to their professional experience.

Some experienced RNs have the opportunity to teach nursing students. Teaching provides RNs with the chance to share their knowledge with up-and-coming nursing students who are eager to learn the nuances of the profession. Plenty of RNs find that a pivot to the educational realm is quite fulfilling. RN teaching also extends beyond the classroom. Those who are experienced in the field also supervise certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses.

The Workday Everyone Desires

In the end, it can be said that RNs enjoy workdays with a variety of activities and opportunities to establish bonds with others. No two days are exactly the same. Anyone who is looking for a dynamic career that provides a competitive salary will find RN work quite rewarding. Get started today by sitting down with our admission counselors at Athena Career Academy.

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