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What Can You Do With Your Nursing Degree

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 10, 2015

Too many career choices out there today leave job searchers with a limited field of employment opportunities to choose from. When students finish up their educational training, the impending realization of student loan repayment can pale next to the struggle of finding employment in a limited job market.

Fortunately, any student opting for a nursing career has a long list of potential nursing careers within a wide number of locations. If you’re a nurse, or a student anxiously awaiting graduation, don’t be discouraged into thinking you’ll forever work in a nursing home or hospital.  Although both of these opportunities are noble employment options filled with potential and great purpose, there are a wide range of other nursing opportunities that await you.

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Traditional Career Opportunities for Nurses

  • 8102015Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Home Health Care
  • Outpatient Care clinics- Diabetes clinics, Dialysis centers, wellness and prevention centers, Urgent Care centers, and others all require the aid of nurses to care for their patients.
  • Addiction Clinics- for drug and alcohol addicts, there can be many medical side effects that result from the process of getting clean. Nurses play an important role in the detoxification and rehabilitation process.
  • Community Mental Health clinics- these social service agencies see a direct correlation between physical, medical, and mental health every day. Nurses play an important role in the work between agencies, social workers, and clients.
  • School Systems- make a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids every day by caring for the medical needs of the students within the school. For some kids, you might be the only medical care they receive on a consistent basis.
  • Correctional facilities- Prisons and jails have a responsibility to care for the medical needs of the inmates imprisoned there. Your work as a nurse matters just as much to those incarcerated as it does to those in a standard hospital or doctor’s office.

Non-traditional employment options for nurses

  • Consulting for outside community organizations- there are numerous organizations or groups outside of the medical community that employ nurses to help support the overall health of their constituents.
  • Consulting as a Legal Nurse- Lawyers often consult with nurses for medical advice pertaining to their legal cases.
  • Parish Nursing- many churches employ a parish nurse to help provide medical care to their congregation members. They believe that spiritual health and physical health go hand-in-hand. A parish nurse plays a vital role in the overall ministry of the church.

The graduates of Athena Career Academy have a world of career possibilities at their fingertips once they complete their nursing training. Our fully accredited facilities and professional teachers equip our students to begin exciting careers as nurses within a long list of work environments.

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