What Fields Are In Need of PNs?

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 10, 2017


In order for one to work as a Practical Nurse (PN), little formal education is essential. One is able to understand the education program, specific job responsibilities, and get a license as a confirmation of their qualification. Under the supervision of registered nurses, practical nurses give primary care to convalescent, disabled, or sick persons. With proper licensing, there are different fields that require PNs to work in, this includes places like Hospitals, residential healthcare, physician offices, schools, and home healthcare.

Hospital Facilities

Here, PNs works hand in hand with other qualified registered nurses in a hospital setting. Just like in nursing homes, they provide total care to the patients. In general, a PN in any Hospital setting serves as subordinate nurses and their shift can occur either night or day. They are referred to as the facility ambassadors due to their ability to work closely with families of the patients. This makes them more relied on by the doctors when examining patients development.

Retirement Homes

Even though a good number of individuals occupying retirement homes still have the capacity to take care of their needs for a given period, some may require support. This field, however, provides limited duties to the PN compared to tasks in other working setups. The main roles played by this professional here is helping the residents move and taking good care of their needs in the most appropriate manner.

Physician Offices

In this setting, patients are able to visit the healthcare providers for a checkup. Practical nurses help by taking critical patient key signs, weight, medication history, and administer vital tests that may be required after the visit. Due to reduced responsibilities in these offices, the number of PN required is usually small. Given that most Physician Offices only operate during business hours, it is easy to foretell their shift patterns.

Nursing Homes

The main requirement of PN working in this field is that they must have the capability to provide considerate care to the elderly. This field may include patients with different psychological, physical and emotional potentials. In this working setup, the PN may perform duties such as lifting and bathing the patients. In addition, they have the responsibility of making sure the beddings are clean.

Home Health Providers

Qualified PN on employment by a home health company, they can offer direct services to patients in their specific homes. Here their responsibilities may include caretaking obligations like ensuring proper hygiene upkeep of the patient and the imprisoned. However, working in such environments, the Practical Nurse must be flexible enough to be able to move to various homes offering health services to patients.


PN may be hired by learning institution such as colleges, high school, and elementary schools to provide care to minor sickness suffered by students, for instance, sore throats, lice or vomiting. For students in college, they are taken care for until they are safe to drive or walk on their own. Younger students are picked up by their parents or guardians. In a school setup, the working hours of practical nurses are determined by the number of hours the school is opened.

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Practical nurses are a priceless part of the social insurance group. Despite the workplace in which they are utilized, they assume a vital part in the support of patient care. Becoming a PN will give you the opportunity to work in many different places depending on your personal preferences. It’s time to start on your path to becoming a Practical Nurse. Learn more about this amazing career by talking with one of our admission counselors at Athena Career Academy today.

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