What to Expect When Switching from LPN to RN

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jan 5, 2017

bigstock-Nurse-22093574.jpgIf you currently work as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and would like to segue to a career as a registered nurse (RN) you might be surprised as to how easy this transition is. LPN-to-RN programs advance your education as well as your earnings.

Your LPN Education is Your Launching Point

If you are hesitant to become an RN because you have already invested time, effort and money in becoming an LPN, shift your perspective. View your LPN education and experience as a stepping-stone to a more lucrative and rewarding career. Your experience as an LPN really does set the stage for additional education as an RN that provides additional knowledge and compensation.

LPN-to-RN Routes

LPN-to-RN programs provide already established nurses with the opportunity to engage in an in-depth curriculum that propels them to RN status in surprisingly little time. This transitory program is available in the form of LPN-to-ADN and LPN-to-BSN routes. The LPN-to-ADN route takes between one and two years to complete and empowers you to work entry-level RN positions. You might even enjoy the opportunity to manage LPNs.

Opt for the LPN-to-BSN route and you'll spend two to four years in school. This education path paves the way to a myriad of well-paying RN positions. This route empowers you to enjoy workplace autonomy, heightens the chances of a promotion and opens the door for highly specialized RN roles. Complete an LPN-to-RN program and you'll qualify for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Once you pass this exam you will officially be an RN.  

Why it Makes Sense to Make the Leap From LPN to RN

LPNs reach an income ceiling that is typically beneath the median salary of RNs. This is a large part of the reason why most LPNs give strong consideration to enrolling LPN-to-RN programs.

Make the transition and you will enjoy more workplace responsibilities, be eligible for a wide variety of nursing positions in a myriad of medical settings, have the chance to manage other nurses and enjoy a significant salary bump.

The Role of the RN

Though there is some crossover between the duties of LPNs and RNs, RNs tackle more challenging duties. RNs educate patients on disease prevention, alter treatment plans and monitor patient care. This shifting of responsibilities is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to segueing from the role of LPN to RN. The median salary of RNs is around $66,000 compared to about $42,000 for LPNs. Add in the heightened autonomy provided to RNs and there is no mystery as to why so many make the transition from LPN to RN.

Invest in Yourself

Working as an LPN serves as excellent preparation for a lucrative career as an RN. If you are like most nurses, you do not view your status as an LPN as the “end point” of your career. You can advance to RN positions without going deep into debt or investing half a decade in advanced education. This is the chance you have been waiting for.

Make the leap to becoming an RN and all sorts of career possibilities will open up. The LPN-to-RN program is the vehicle that will help you reach your professional goals.  

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