Which Kind of Facility is Right for You as a New Registered Nurse?

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Mar 16, 2017


Registered Nurses (RNs) are that charming and vital cog that keeps healthcare ticking like clockwork. Even though most people are conversant with how important RNs are to the society, very few know where registered nurses work other than the general hospital setting. Working in a hospital or a health care facility isn’t bad. The problem is some people want to be nurses but aren’t cut out for the hospital routine. They need something different and exciting.

A Wide and Unique Scope of Opportunities

A registered nurse with a creative mind can work in a wide range of settings. You can practice independently as a general health care giver or a specialize on a particular niche, for instant children, the elderly or injured people. You can give support to all members of the health care team regardless of the member discipline since patients will always need someone to take care of them.

As a registered nurse, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Analyze and record patient symptoms
  • Help doctors during examinations, treatment or surgeries
  • Dress incisions and wounds
  • Tech patients relevant self-care practices
  • Implement, review and report the efficiency of patient treatment programs

Your skills as a registered nurse make you the first point of contact with any patient. This puts your office or place of work virtually anywhere where you can find people who will need some form of dedicated healthcare.

If you are a new registered nurse and looking for alternative workplaces, you will find one of these options a perfect match.

At Patient’s Home or Hospices

A large portion of the registered nurses still works as home nurses or at hospices. You will need to keep a positive mentality, be patient and very understanding since you will be dealing with patients who need constant support to enjoy their life. Hospices will keep you in touch with critically ill or terminally ill while nursing patients at home could be anything from an affluent business person’s kids recovering from the flu to a senior dealing with arthritis and diabetes.

Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you will work in a specified location for a limited amount of time before deploying to another region. You will be at a station for around 13 weeks before moving on to your next post. Travel nurses can choose where and when to work. This gives you some freedom and ensures that you will never be stuck in the same job at the same place year in year out.

Schools or Fitness Centers

It takes longer to train doctors. Paying a doctor to attend to any injuries or emergencies is quite costly. Institutions like schools and fitness centers choose to hire registered nurses who will take care of such eventualities before the on demand doctors to come in.

On top of this, the nurse will be in charge of helping specific patients take any medicine or specialized care at specific times. You could be administering insulin to a diabetic student or monitoring the health of asthmatics who would want to break some sweat in the school gym.

Sports Club

Football or baseball clubs will need a nurse on the sideline. Such nurses will be in charge of delivering first aid or immediate care to injured players during the game.

Alternatively, you can intern at an independent or private health institution with the intent of setting up your own business sometimes. In this case, you will have to specialize in something so that you can open up a care center in that niche when ready. Begin your first step to becoming an RN at Athena Career Academy. Sit down with our admission counselours and we will show you how to further your nursing career.

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