5 Skills Nursing Employers Want in Nurse

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jan 30, 2018

5 Skills Nursing Employers Want in Candidate Athena Career Academy

Nursing employers are hiring in droves yet they are not willing to hire just anyone who is an RN and has some experience. Nowadays, those looking for nursing work must have a specific skill set along with some important intangibles. 

A Willingness to be Flexible

Nurses must be flexible. This is especially true for travel nurses. Plenty of nurses do not work a set schedule. Work days and hours can vary quite extensively from one month to the next. If you are flexible in terms of work hours, work duties and subsequent responsibilities as time progresses, communicate it during your interview or even in your cover letter.

Your flexibility just might prove to be what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. 

Be a Leader

Though only a handful of nurses have a true leadership role in a facility, it is possible for nurses to lead even without having extensive experience or being promoted up the nursing hierarchy. Assist others when you can.

If you are confident enough, take charge when others are brought onboard. Continue to search for ways to improve efficiency, patient comfort, and collaboration across departments. Update your resume and cover letter so they reflect your leadership abilities.

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Compassion Matters

Elite nurses sincerely care about their patients. They desire to make a meaningful difference in their quality of life by providing care in a delicate manner. Highlight your patient experiences that show your compassion for others. Explain to the hiring manager why you find helping others to be rewarding.

Use the interview and cover letter as opportunities to shed light on your altruism. Perhaps you volunteer, spend time outside of work hours with your patients or support other important causes. This is your chance to have all of your good works help you land the nursing job you have been looking for.


Nurses have to be on their feet for lengthy shifts. If you are incapable of standing for extended periods of time and end up sitting every couple of hours, your co-workers will notice. Though you can't communicate your stamina on your resume or cover letter, you can go to great lengths to enhance your physical health.

Use the interview as an opportunity to highlight an activity you enjoy that requires considerable stamina. Such a mention is a covert and prudent way to communicate you are capable of completing a 12-hour shift without a problem.

A Positive Attitude

It is no secret that hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes and other care centers can be challenging places to work. These facilities are full of sick, frail and depressed patients. It is mentally, emotionally and physically taxing to work as a nurse.

This is precisely why it is imperative that nurses have a positive attitude at all times. Convey your positive attitude during your interview, maintain a bright outlook and you will greatly enhance the chances of building a rewarding nursing career.

You are More Than Your Resume

It is clear that nursing employers are looking for more than just academic credentials and meaningful experience. These employers are looking for high-quality human beings who can lead, inspire others and provide genuine care to those in need.

So don't assume a stacked resume will ensure you receive a fantastic offer. Focus on developing and refining the traits outlined above and you will stand that much better of a chance to build the career you have been hoping for. To jump start your career, contact Athena Career Academy.

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