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Can You Make a Living as a Preschool Teacher?

Posted On Jan 11, 2022

Many people dream of becoming a teacher, but don’t think their dream is possible because of family or financial pressures. However, there are other ways to reach your goals that don’t include several years of schooling, or carrying massive student loan debt. Earning your degree in early childhood education (ECE) can open many doors to the type of workplace you dream about. Should your ambitions take you further down the road in the field of education, you can utilize the valuable experience you gained as a preschool teacher to apply for other education related careers.

Young girl painting in a preschool classroom.

Some people earn their ECE degree and have an interest in the education field, but not necessarily in the classroom. Others can’t wait to have a classroom of their own to decorate and organize based on their lesson plans. Whatever path you choose to take with an ECE degree, one thing is certain. There are many reasons why teaching young children can be an excellent career choice.

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The career outlook for preschool teachers remains strong because ECE educators are vital to the development of young learners. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, preschool teachers can expect a ten percent growth, making a career in early childhood education an excellent choice for your future as there will always be a high demand. 

Good Starting Wage

The starting wage for a preschool teacher is comparable to the starting wages of teachers who attend a four-year university. From there you have opportunities to excel in the education field and can advance your career without the burden of excessive student loans. While you might not earn as much as a teacher with a four-year degree, you’ll have more opportunities for advancement and can branch out into jobs outside the classroom. Plus, you’ll be able to start your career sooner, and you’ll have less financial burden than those with massive student debt. Flexible class schedules allow you to go back to school while still meeting life’s current obligations. 

Family Friendly Schedule 

Another benefit of earning a degree in early childhood education is the extra vacation days you’ll get as an ECE educator. Teachers enjoy more days off than other professionals, including many holidays and vacation periods, such as summers off. While some teaching positions may require irregular hours, most teaching jobs provide shorter work days, giving you ample time to spend with your friends and family. 

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Fun Workplace Environment 

Another perk to earning your degree in early childhood education is getting to work in a fun, fast-paced work setting filled with surprises. Forget about sitting at a desk, watching the hours slowly tick on, because your day as a preschool teacher will fly by. Unlike other professionals, teachers are encouraged to be creative and playful. 

Making a Difference 

Being a preschool teacher isn’t always easy, but the rewards make up for it. Whether it’s energetic greetings in the mornings or the proud look on a child’s face after they’ve learned a new skill, making a difference never gets old. All the support and encouragement you give your young students produces positive results. As an ECE educator, you can feel proud knowing you’re making an impact on the success of students when they enter elementary school. 

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Opportunities for Advancement 

There are multiple different career opportunities you can pursue after earning a degree in early childhood education. In addition to becoming a preschool teacher, you can explore other exciting ECE careers, such as working as a teacher’s assistant; becoming a private nanny or tutor; working as an early intervention specialist or family support specialist; becoming a director at a childcare facility; or starting your own childcare business, and so much more. 

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Earning a degree in early childhood education can pave the way for a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Contact Athena Career Academy for a campus tour to learn more about our reputable and established ECE degree program. 

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