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Considering a Nursing Career as a Man

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Sep 2, 2016

The widely held reputation for nursing as a “women profession” is diminishing. In the US, the number of male nurses has tripled since 1970 to date. A nursing career for men is proving to be a viable option. Contrary to common belief, there is overwhelming evidence to show that men also make great nurses. If you are considering nursing as a man, here is supporting evidence to support your career choice.

Perceptions about men in this profession have changed

In the 1900s, the nursing career was primarily associated with women. Legal bans had been instituted to prevent men from entering into this field. However, after much consideration, these bans were found to be unconstitutional and were done away with. Today, it is no longer strange to see a male nurse. TV programs and films that cast male nurses have also helped to change this perception. As a man considering the nursing profession, you no longer need to worry about perceptions. Today, society as a whole has embraced and enthusiastic stance about men joining the profession.

Many of the nursing programs and associations are geared towards encouraging men to join the field. One such organization is the American Assembly of Men in Nursing. This association holds annual conferences to help the men to advance and grow in this career.

Classes Enrolling Now, Click Here to Apply!

There's a demand for men in the nursing field. Learn how you can being your nursing career with Athena Career Academy.There is a high demand for men in nursing

Now more than ever, there is a very high demand for men in the nursing profession. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of men in the nursing field is expected to grow by 16 percent in the next 8 years. This percentage is way higher than the industry average in the nursing field. Male nurses are projected to occupy more nursing positions in the foreseeable future.

The high demand for nurses is as a result of the shortages experienced in almost all nursing specialties. This creates opportunities for people, and more so for men who will pursue a career in nursing. Nurses who graduate in this profession already have a positive career outlook as a result of the shortage across the nursing specialties. Most of the hospitals require a balanced gender mix, where men offer physical strength is moving patients and equipment, while the female nurses look after the patients.

A rewarding profession

The profession does not only give a rewarding feeling, but it also comes with many perks. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the mean annual salary for nurses is $71,000. However, there is evidence to suggest that men earn more in this field. The reason for this is that muscle power is greatly needed in nursing.

Another compelling reason for male nurses to join this field is that one can become registered in two years or less. Many of the technical fields require at least 4 years for one to become registered. Comparatively, nursing can be a quick career transition to working in a rewarding field. It is important to remember that better earning opportunities are available for those who pursue higher learning education. You can work as you study through online nursing courses. If you are considering nursing as a male, you can begin with a BSN then move on to an advanced degree.

Other perks for male nurses in this career include:

  •    Career flexibility
  •    Job sustainability and security
  •    Numerous opportunities to specialize
  •    Great prospects for better jobs with continuing education
  •    Highly competitive salaries

The odds are stacked in the favor of men seeking to get into the nursing field, so if you’re a man and you’re interested in becoming a nurse don’t delay.

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