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Do You Know Where a Career in Teaching Can Take You?

Posted On Jul 31, 2020


If you’re interested in earning a degree in early childhood education, you might be wondering about your career options as an early childhood educator. Many people are unaware that becoming a teacher is just one of the many career choices with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

Here’s a look at six potential early childhood education career path opportunities:

1. Curriculum Coordinator

An early childhood curriculum coordinator is responsible for the direct care, supervision, guidance, and education of children at a facility. The curriculum coordinator is responsible for developing and evaluating curriculum and implementing or monitoring the implementation of curriculum and daily activities for children in a learning facility.

The curriculum coordinator may also supervise early childhood educators, assistant teachers, caregivers, interns, substitutes, and volunteers. Specific qualifications must be met, depending on state regulations or requirements.

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2. Paraprofessional

A paraprofessional also sometimes referred to as teacher assistants, instructional aides, ed techs, or para-educators, are credentialed education professionals who work alongside and under the direction of a certified teacher.

Paraprofessionals often work with students in a special education classroom, while some may work in a general education classroom or rotate to support all of the classes in a grade level.

Paraprofessionals provide instructional, behavioral, language, and physical and medical support in and out of the classroom, and often work one on one with students receiving special education that have a 504 plan.

3. Assistant Director of a Childcare Facility

Assistant directors help ensure that a childcare facility is a safe and fun environment for children to learn. They are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities, including managing staff, interacting and communicating with parents, as well as marketing and financial duties.

They also assist the director with whatever duties are needed, which might include teaching and monitoring students, maintaining paperwork, supervising and evaluating teachers, or working with the director to create, evaluate, or revise curriculum.

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4. Director of a Childcare Facility

The director of a childcare facility is responsible for the daily operations of a childcare facility or center. They are also responsible for ensuring that young children are receiving a safe, stimulating, and educational environment.

The director has many responsibilities and duties, including managing and creating curriculum with staff that complies with state and federal requirements. They also ensure that childcare facilities or centers are safe for children and comply with local laws and regulations. They are also responsible for evaluating and purchasing supplies and equipment, interviewing, hiring and training new staff members, completing ongoing training to remain current on childcare policies, communicating with parents, managing and overseeing the budget, and developing and facilitating a marketing and communications plan.

5. Education Consultant

Early childhood education consultants provide information and assistance to childcare and education programs, business and industry, communities, elected public policy officials, and state and federal agencies to help them develop programs, regulations, and public policies that will enhance or improve access to quality early childhood education.

6. Family Resource Worker

Family resource workers offer assistance to children and youth as well as to their parents and guardians. They often work with families where abuse has occurred or where there is mental or physical illness.

Where will a degree in early childhood education take you?

Whether you desire to teach in a classroom, or transition into other roles, there are numerous opportunities to apply your education and experience in early childhood education outside of a traditional setting where you are working directly with children. If you are interested in earning a degree in early childhood education, contact Athena Career Academy for more information. We have the staff, the program, and the career support you’ve been looking for. Call today!

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