Five Reasons to Consider Becoming a Practical Nurse

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jun 23, 2016

Nursing is a rewarding career that comes with the potential to make a good living. A nurse plays an important role in helping a sick person become well, and it is a great line of work to get into if you truly enjoy caring for other people. While becoming a nurse involves a lot of time, energy and work, it is a career that will provide you with a stable future. If you have contemplated becoming an RN (registered nurse) but you just don't have a schedule that allows for the rigorous schooling involved in preparing for this type of career, you may want to consider studying to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse) instead.

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Five Reasons Why Becoming An LPN Is A Great Career Choice

  1. Practical nursing education at Athena Career Academy in 12 months or less!Expected Increase In Patients Needing Long Term Care. Because of the large baby boomer population, studies have predicted that 10,000 people will become 65 years of age each day from now until the year 2030. What this means is that there will be a huge demand for licensed practical nurses.
  1. Earn A Degree In Two Years Or Less. Becoming an LPN can take anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the school and number of classes you can fit into your busy schedule. Compared to the four years of schooling required for becoming an RN, becoming an LPN is a great way to start your nursing career in a short amount of time.
  1. Licensed Practical Nurses Have Great Earning Potential. An LPN can earn as much as $58,000 a year depending on your geographic location. This is a great salary that will make it easier for you to support your family.
  1. An LPN Can Expect A Very Positive Job Outlook. Employment opportunities for an LPN are expected to grow 25% in the next eight years. This is a higher rate of growth than a lot of other professions in the job market. If you are looking for a career that is not going to disappear or become obsolete, becoming an LPN may be right for you.
  1. Enjoy A Rewarding Career. If you want a job that gives you the personal satisfaction that comes with helping other, there aren't many other jobs that match the importance of an LPN. As an LPN, you will get to nurture and care for sick people in your community. This in itself can be the inspiration many people need to study for a career as an LPN.

As you can see, there are five very good reasons why becoming an LPN can be a great career decision to make. Not only will becoming an LPN give you the opportunity to make a great living in a stable career with a positive future outlook, but the feeling you get from helping people on a daily basis will make your career extremely rewarding. If all of this sounds good to you and you live near Toledo, our nursing academy can give you the training you need to find success as an LPN. If you are a caring individual who wants to make good money while helping the people in the Toledo OH community, you may want to seriously consider becoming an LPN.

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