Going Back to School for Nursing May be the Best Thing You Can Do

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jan 10, 2020

Going Back to School for Nursing May be the Best Thing You Can Do

Going back to school for nursing has the potential to revitalize your career and your life. If you are unemployed, underemployed, or simply interested in becoming a nurse, you owe it to yourself to explore the career. Do not let the fear of returning to school stand in your way-and don't think for a second you're too old to start a new career. Choose Athena Career Academy for your studies and we will facilitate a graceful transition back to a welcoming learning environment.

A Hesitation to Return to School is Perfectly NormalNew Call-to-action

If you are like most people, you have at least a few concerns about returning to school. After all, school can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you have not been in the classroom for years or even decades. However, it is a mistake to let this fear get the best of you. Embrace the uncertainty of returning to school. Take the plunge and you will emerge with much better career prospects. Do not worry about being the oldest one in the classroom. Athena Career Academy has plenty of adult learners enrolled in our nursing program. You will find people of all ages and backgrounds sitting next to you in our classrooms.

Another common concern among those returning to school is the challenge of mastering course material. Though it might take a little bit of time to re-acclimate yourself to a learning environment, hard work is all you need to learn the course material and graduate. The bottom line is a fear of returning to the classroom is normal. Give it your best shot and you will emerge from this experience with the education and training necessary to work as a professional nurse.

Flexible Class Schedules

Heading back to school at a vocational school such as Athena Career Academy is different than returning to a traditional college or university. Unlike conventional colleges, our vocational school provides flexible class schedules. This way, you can still fulfill your parenting duties, hold down a job, and have a social life while developing the skills necessary to work as a nurse. Take a look at our class scheduling options and you will be more than impressed with the bevy of options available. We allow students to complete coursework at their own pace to accommodate responsibilities outside of the classroom. 

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Go Back to School to Improve Your Quality of Life

The primary reason to return to school is to obtain the nursing training necessary to land a job that pays a living wage and includes benefits. After all, financial compensation from work is often directly tied happiness. Working as a nurse will also provide you the opportunity to do much more than make money. Helping others provides personal satisfaction that cannot be quantified by a number. Most of those who return to school for nursing find rewarding jobs that they actually look forward to. This is a stark contrast to the typical job that simply pays the bills.

Build on Your Professional Experience

A return to school is likely to be much easier if you have relevant experience in the field of nursing or the medical field in general. If you have worked or even volunteered in the field, you will be able to apply your experience to your learning and master the content that much quicker and easier than others. A return to school allows you to pass on your knowledge to your classmates and expand your knowledge/skill base that much more.

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If you are thinking about going back to school, choose Athena Career Academy. We will help you kick-start your nursing career. Contact us today for more information or click here to apply.

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