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Mistakes New Early Childhood Educators Can Avoid

Posted On Apr 19, 2021

Preschool teachers must communicate education goals clearly with parents and children from the start of the class. Failing to clarify policies and expectations is one of the biggest errors an educator can make because it creates extra tension in the learning process. Here are typical classroom mistakes that can be easily prevented in the journey to becoming a teacher.

Preschool teaching interacting with young students.

Lack of Consistency

Consistency is one of the pillars of success for many different career paths. When demonstrating discipline in a classroom it's important that it's fair and the teacher does not favor certain students who break the rules. Enforcing the rules consistently creates a sense among children the learning sessions are serious.

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No Sense of Plans for Troubled Students

Whether a school is brand new teaching students or it has a long tradition, it's important that teachers take an interest in each student's academic and citizenship performance. Students who regularly show weakness in either category need special attention, so teachers must take time to develop a plan to help troubled students catch up.

Letting Class Disruption Go On

Young kids have plenty of energy and sometimes get too playful in a classroom to the point of disrupting the learning process for classmates. Any type of unnecessary noise such as giggling must be addressed quickly so that it doesn't go on long enough for kids to think they're getting away with it. A proactive teacher should always be ready to bring the class back to order.

Ineffective at Managing Student Behavior

Modern teachers use progressive discipline principles, such as categorizing different levels of offenses and applying the appropriate penalty. Minor offenses can be addressed with a discussion or in some cases detention. Teachers should explain the issue with parents only when the problem escalates to a moderate level. Major offenses can be resolved by sending the child to the administration office.

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Lack of Discipline

Teaching young children requires letting them know what the rules are in the beginning. If the teacher does not establish the boundaries of acceptable behavior early, classroom activity may become unpredictable. Sending kids to administrators for discipline should be enforced sparingly so the principal doesn't think the classroom is out of control.

Failure to Resolve Conflicts

Worse than letting class behavior unravel is not stepping in to resolve kids fighting with each other. Teachers experience feeling overwhelmed by teaching their first class of preschoolers and spend more time breaking up fights than discussing course material.

Disconnect with Students

Building a relationship with the student is crucial for winning respect and letting them know you care about their progress. Teachers who fails to develop relationships with students may have a hard time managing their behavior. The key for the teacher is to apply strong communication skills, which means listening as well as speaking clearly.

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