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Per-Diem Work Helped me Stay in My LPN - RN program

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Feb 7, 2018


bigstock-Nurse-Holding-File-12039689.jpgAn LPN-RN program costs money and it is important to identify opportunities in healthcare that help you earn an extra income.

As a qualified LPN, I was lucky enough to find per-diem work that gave me the flexibility to attend classes and the extra income I needed to facilitate my studies. Through per-diem work, you get to work on a day-to-day basis.

You have control over your working schedule and you have an opportunity to experience different work environments, specialties, and facilities.

There are several advantages to taking up per-diem work while pursuing your LPN-RN program:


If you are currently working a regular schedule and you are looking for additional work; you can ask a recruiter to help you find per-diem work to fit into your schedule.

Since you only take jobs on days you are available, you can schedule your work around your family, work, and school.

For example, you can schedule your workdays on days when your kids are in school and then take evening classes.

You get to control your time and find the right balance to thrive in your personal, family and professional life.

Creative Growth

The LPN-RN program introduces new ideas and methods to you on a daily basis. This may feel exciting and you may want to practice everything at once.

Through per-diem work, every day presents you with a unique opportunity to work in a new environment and learn something new.

You will start the week in oncology and end up singing children’s rhymes on the weekend.

Through per-diem work, you grow creatively; every workday presents you with new challenges and an opportunity learn something new.


Through per-diem work, you experience different medical settings, meet new people on a daily basis and get to create connections.

Take advantage of your time in the LPN-RN program to create valuable connections with potential employers and mentors.

Additionally, use this opportunity to identify the kind of environment you want to work in; for example, do you like working with mothers in the maternity ward or do you prefer the spontaneity of the pediatric ward.

Attractive Compensation

Per-diem opportunities offer competitive hourly rates, boosting your income significantly.

As an LPN, you can access lucrative opportunities to help you afford the LPN-RN program comfortably.

In some cases, the agency helping you with placement can offer you certain work benefits.


Diversity while taking your LPN-RN programs helps you understand theoretical concepts better, and can significantly improve your performance in tests. Through per-diem work, you have exposure to a new environment on a daily basis, allowing you to pick new skills and build your confidence in different specialties. The diversity of the program allows you to work under different specialties and grow with every stop. The experience you gain will improve your employability and overall career progression over time.

Reimbursement Opportunities

In addition to the benefits you get working as a per-diem nurse, you stand to enjoy a series of tax breaks, such as:

  • Costs related to professional licensing
  • Trade literature costs
  • Malpractice insurance
  • The cost of uniforms and related costs such as dry cleaning among others

Once you understand the kind of breaks available, paired up with the fact that you are likely to make more money than a salaried nurse, you can enjoy financial stability while pursuing your LPN-RN program.

The LPN-RN program at Athena Career Academy gives you the flexibility you need to take per-diem work.

Once you enroll in the LPN-RN program, you can schedule your classes to your convenience and access different per-diem opportunities.

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