Busting the Myth That PNs Only Work in Hospitals

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jun 27, 2017


As a practical nurse (PN) you're tasked with providing basic nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse or a doctor, but that doesn't mean you have to work in a conventional hospital. In fact, there are many opportunities out there for you depending on your needs and desires including:

  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Physicians offices
  • Home health care
  • Military service 
  • Nursing homes

to name a few. There's certainly nothing wrong with working in a hospital if that's your desire but it's not the right fit for everyone and as a practical nurse you're afforded the opportunity to choose what's right for you.

Now let's talk about some of your options in greater detail.

Home Health Care

A practical nurse working in the home health care field takes on the role of assisting patients in their home. These patients could be older people who do not want to go to a nursing home or people recovering from serious illness or injury. You would also educate family members on how to properly give medical care to their loved one. Home health care is a great choice if you're interested in working directly with patients and enjoy working in a variety of environments.

Rehabilitation Facilities

As a PN working in the field of rehabilitation you would be providing care to patients with long-term illnesses or disabilities. Aside from the regular nursing duties, you would also be involved in physical therapy. Patients in rehabilitation facilities are often there for the long-haul making this a good choice if you enjoy communicating and forming bonds with your patients.

Physician's Office

At a physician's office, you would be performing many of the same duties as you would in a hospital, but in a slower paced environment and with a closer relationship to your superiors and peers. When you start working in a physician's office it can sometimes feel like you've become part of a family. If you feel at home when you have more personal interaction with your colleagues then a physician's office might be the right fit for you.

Military Service

As a PN you could even get involved with the military. You wouldn't have to enlist, you could apply to work as a civilian in a military hospital through the Federal Civil Service. Your job description as a practical nurse working in a military environment would involve the usual nursing functions. If you want to combine your love of helping others with your love for your country then this may be right for you.

Nursing Homes

At a nursing home, you would be working with the aging and disabled who need long-term care. You would be involved in basic nursing care, administrative duties and assessing patient health. If you feel a strong desire to serve the elderly and protect those most vulnerable in our society then working in a nursing home would be a good option for you.

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As you can see there is no shortage of opportunity for a PN. The doors opened to you and your family with a practical nursing certification can be exciting, and quite frankly overwhelming. To find out more about becoming a PN and to discuss what field is right for you, contact one of our admissions counselors at Athena Career Academy.

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