Can a Practical Nurse Find Employment as a Telephonic Nurse?

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Dec 19, 2017



Nursing careers are some of the jobs that are in highest demand right now. This demand increases as people's healthcare and medical needs continue to grow. In many areas, there are shortages of qualified nursing professionals. This has urged healthcare and insurance providers to get creative and come up with unique and better ways to recruit nursing staff in order to meet their patient needs. There are now more opportunities than ever before for nursing staff to work remotely either by telephone or computer. The patient-care experience of an LPN along with the medical knowledge gained in that profession makes a great skill set for a medical call center job.

Just a phone call away

As a Telephonic Nurse, you'll connect, primarily via telephone, with members to give guidance and support for their varied health care needs. At times, you'll provide vital education that informs their actions and decisions. At others, you'll be connecting members to new care resources through referrals. And with every interaction, you'll be helping members take charge of their own healthcare, promoting positive change in their lifestyles and empowering them to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Work from home

From the nurse’s perspective, telephonic nursing is a rewarding and flexible career path. Many of the nurses in these positions work from home, which helps them maintain a healthy life-work balance. Every shift, the nurses get to interact one-on-one with members, and they find it very fulfilling to make a difference in these people’s lives and health status. Some options include:

Telephone triage - A telephone triage nurse is generally a true  work-at-home position. Like on-call nurses that makes visits, this can be very unpredictable, so you may be receiving calls one after another all night from 5 p.m. to when the office opens the next morning, or you may only have a couple of calls. Many home health and hospice companies also go by a schedule of seven days on and seven days off for their after-hours staff, particularly the telephone triage nurse who never goes out to make visits

After-hours nurse - An after-hours nurse works from their home, taking calls from the telephone triage nurse when calls from patients come in needing assistance. If the telephone triage nurse can’t handle the problem over the phone, he or she will call the nurses working after-hours to have them make a visit and address the issue. Nurses who work exclusively doing after-hours work do not have a patient caseload, so they are not required to attend patient care conferences or make regularly scheduled visits. They simply work their shifts from home, waiting for the next call.

Nurse hotline - If you want an alternative to doing telephone triage for a home health or hospice agency, you can also work from home for an insurance company nurse hotline. These lines operate 24/7/365 so a daytime schedule is possible. However, expect to spend some time paying your dues working evenings and nights for a while until daytime positions open up as they are in demand.Schedule a Campus Tour at Athena Career Academy. We are the leading nursing school located in Toledo, Ohio.

Remote Quality Improvement Nurse -As a Quality Improvement Nurse, you will review hospitals' nursing record documentation for completeness, accuracy, and appropriate level coding. These positions usually contain a teaching element, where the nurse educates the staff on the importance of proper documentation and coding practices. Usually requires a fair amount of travel; on some job postings, it's 70 to 80 percent travel time.

Job availability and pay

Salaries and benefits for telephonic nurses are very competitive, and openings exist nationwide. These positions can be full-time or part-time, and there are openings in nearly every zip code. According to website, A Telephonic Nurse earns an average wage of $28.81 per hour. The yearly salary can range from $44,204 - $89,182.

The bottom line is LPNs have options.  And those options can result in options that include all of the rewards of nursing without family sacrifices.  Contact Athena Career Academy to get your nursing career on track.  

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