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Qualities Your Nursing Recruiter Is Looking For

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Jan 23, 2018

Qualities Your Nursing Recruiter Is Looking For 

Every medical recruiter is looking for a nurse who brings more than knowledge and experience to the table. You must demonstrate qualities that show you are passionate about working as a caregiver. Many recruiters admit to favoring candidates who are authentic, passionate and likable.

Some of the secret qualities recruiters look for include:


The best nurses in the world prioritize their patient’s needs and will do anything to ensure everyone in their care is comfortable. During the interview, focus on the different decisions you made to improve your patients’ experiences, such as listening to a genre of music you do not like to help your patient fall asleep or helping parents with their toddler as they waited for their other child to get out of surgery. Spruce up your resume with any other experiences you have that show that you care for people, such as volunteering to support an educational program in underserved communities.


Every time you come to an interview, allow the recruiters to see the real you. Believe in your skills and your ability to shine as a nurse. Instead of talking about your abilities and your strengths, share stories that allow the recruiters to know you.

Through a story, you can highlight your strengths, talk about your weaknesses and use a real-life example to show how you were able to overcome your weaknesses to improve the quality of care you gave to your patients. If the recruiters ask about your mistakes or weaknesses, speak of them honestly and include any lessons you have learned from the experience, including how the incident made you a better nurse.

LeadershipNew Call-to-action

Recruiters always look for leadership qualities even when you are not interviewing for a leadership position. As a nurse, you must be in a position to demonstrate your ability to take charge of situations, use non-violent communication, help at all times and step in to offer creative solutions. As a caregiver, you will come across different situations that require you to make decisions fast, work in a team and take on tasks you think are either below or above you. Recruiters will favor a candidate who demonstrates strong personal leadership and a willingness to go beyond their set job descriptions.


Most opportunities in nursing will require you to work at night, on weekends or even on your off-days depending on the volume of work. While recruiters understand that you might have classes or other responsibilities, they are always looking for someone who is willing to make compromises whenever necessary. Good employers will give you the flexibility you need to attend your classes or meet other personal obligations if you prove that you are willing to make compromises for the sake of your patients.


Nurses work long hours and might go for days without a break, especially when demand is high in the hospital. In such situations, only strong individuals with the right attitude will survive. Recruiters are looking for the few individuals with the right attitude and energy to keep going even when the unexpected happens. While speaking about your experiences, focus on the good by using positive words and smiling. For example, if you had a young patient who kept screaming all night, focus on your understanding of their pain and discomfort and your efforts towards making the situation better.

Quality over Quantity

If the qualities recruiters look for are not on your resume, you must demonstrate them during the interview. Athena Career Academy will equip you with the skills you need to get your resume noticed, but also help you cultivate the intangibles you need to excel at interviews.

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