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The DOs and Don'ts of Getting Accepted Into an LPN-RN Program

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Apr 25, 2019

The DOs and Don'ts of Getting Accepted Into an LPN-RN ProgramIf you're thinking about applying to an LPN-RN program, you'll want to make sure that you do everything you can to get accepted. However, while there are a handful of things that you can do to improve your chances of getting in, there are also things that can hurt your case. The following is a breakdown of some of the things you can do to get accepted and a few things you should avoid doing.

New Call-to-actionImproving Your Chances of Being Accepted

The following are a few things you should do in order to increase your chances of being accepted into an LPN-RN program:

  • Apply to several programs - There's no reason to limit yourself to just a single program. There are many good LPN-RN programs out there -- applying to several of them will increase your chances of being accepted to one of them.
  • Get some volunteer hours under your belt - Find a way to volunteer in the health care field. The more volunteer hours you have, the better it will look on your application. It shows that you have a passion for the field and that you're serious about a career in nursing. Additionally, many programs require volunteer hours.
  • Become a CNA - Complete a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certificate. CNA programs only take a few months and look excellent on a resume.
  • Take the TEAS exam - Getting a high grade on the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skill) will help make your application stand out.
  • Prepare for the entrance interview - Impressions matter. Make sure you prepare for your entrance interview. You'll be expected to answer a variety of questions, such as why you want to become a nurse, whether you can discuss some current nursing topics, what your favorite prerequisite classes were and why, and more. Additionally, show up to your interview early and dress professionally. Prepare your own questions about the program as well. This shows that you're taking the process seriously and that you did your due diligence looking into the program.

What You Should Not Do When Applying

Be sure to avoid the following mistakes when applying to an LPN-RN program:

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  • Don't submit a bad application - Your application is what the program will use to judge whether you're a good candidate for their program or not. If you don't do a good job filling out your application, it will hurt your chances of being accepted. Make sure you complete the entire application and fill out all the information required. Double check to make sure your application is up to date and accurate. Look out for spelling and grammar mistakes -- believe it or not, these can disqualify you immediately.
  • Don't submit your application late - You should try to complete and submit your application as early as possible. Missing the deadline is automatically going to disqualify you. Of course, you shouldn't rush your application either--mistakes and inaccuracies will hurt your qualification chances as well.
  • Don't give up - Don't give up on a career in nursing just because your application was rejected. You can always reapply the next semester. Take any rejections you've experienced as a learning opportunity to improve your chances of being accepted the next time you apply.

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These are a few tips on how to improve your chances of being accepted into an LPN-RN program. If you have any questions about our LPN-RN program or would like information on how to apply to our program, be sure to contact us at Athena Career Academy in Toledo, OH, today.

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