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Travel the World with Your Early Childhood Education Degree

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 30, 2018



One of the common factors among many teachers is that they seem to understand the importance of learning as a way of life. Education is more than simply mastering math or science. Understanding other cultures, people and places gives great perspective to the subjects and methods that teachers use every day. 

That’s why many teachers also have a love of travel. Unfortunately, because of the demands of school schedules, educators are often limited to Winter, Spring or Summer Breaks to fully enjoy those travel experiences.

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But what if there was a way to enjoy a fulfilling, exciting career as a teacher AND experience the excitement and wonder of traveling the world all at the same time? There’s good news. Following your passion for teaching doesn’t necessarily limit you to traditional education in classrooms. Thrilling teaching experience abroad are waiting for you, if you’re willing to look outside the box (or the schoolhouse).

Education at Sea

One unconventional way to put your Early Childhood Education degree to work is to apply for one of the many teaching positions available onboard popular cruise lines. Yes, you read that correctly. Cruise ships. Cruise ships might be an all-inclusive vacation opportunity for families looking to get away and experience the world, but they also offer a unique opportunity for teachers to engage with students of all ages in a variety of ways. Because cruise ships boast more and more classes, groups, and activities to attract and entertain children and families, there’s an ongoing need for Youth Counselors, Childcare staff, Activities Coordinators, and Supervisors to fill these posSchedule A Tour Early Childhood Education Athenaitions.

The qualities that make a great classroom teacher truly effective with their students are the same qualities that cruise ships are looking for. These qualities include patience, passion, subject knowledge, and a desire to help others grow and enjoy learning. Teachers aboard cruise ships help educate passengers in a variety of ways. They may be hired to teach:

  • Cultural, historical, and language classes that prepare passengers for foreign ports
  • Arts and craft classes
  • Educational group activities involving science (How Do Cruise Ships Stay Afloat? What Sea Life Can Be Found Under the Boat?) and exploration. These classes are extremely popular on cruises with scenic destinations like Alaska or the Galapagos Islands.
  • Off-shore excursions at port sites. Teachers who are knowledgeable about port sites can help passengers navigate through unfamiliar destinations

If life on the high seas is not on your career path, there are other teaching options abroad that would allow you to travel the world and pursue your passion to teach others.

Around The World

Agencies look for American teachers to volunteer or vocationally teach English to residents of all ages. The belief is that Americans better understand English compared to non-western countries. Through agencies like the Peace Corps and world teaching programs across the globe, teachers have the opportunity to travel the world and educate students in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. Countries like France, Italy, Spain, Thailand, South Korea, China, Costa Rica and so many others have a great need for American teachers to come and teach English to their students. With a degree in education, teachers really do have a world of opportunities to teach abroad awaiting them.

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A degree in Early Childhood Education offers teachers a world of opportunity after graduation. From the classroom to the cruise ship, and everywhere in between, the vocational options abound. If you’re interested in exploring all of the career opportunities available with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Athena Career Academy can help. Our comprehensive programs will prepare you for an exciting career in education, whether on land or by sea. Call 419-329-4075 now for more details.

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