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What Is A CANS RN?

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Dec 3, 2018

What Is A CANS RN?

If you're looking for a career in which you can not only help people, but also have job security, then nursing is a field you may want to look into. What's beneficial about the nursing field is that there are many different niches to consider -- and the demand for trained nurses in these niches will always remain high. One example of a nursing position in one of these niches is a CANS (certified aesthetic nurse specialist).

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What is a CANS?

CANS is a certification for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistant's in the field of aesthetic and cosmetics. The certification establishes the credentials of the provider, ensuring that they have the necessary training and background.

For example, a CANS certified nurse may provide Botox injections to a patient or remove an unwanted tattoo from a patient's skin. For those looking to become a nurse, with your CANS certification, you'll have a lot of opportunities within the nursing field. It's not uncommon for a CANS to be employed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other physicians that specialize in aesthetics.

There are several advantages to pursuing a career as a CANS. Like other nursing positions, there's a lot of job security--there will always be a need for CANS positions throughout the aesthetic nursing field. Secondly, a position as a CANS tends to be a lot less stressful than positions in other nursing fields, such as being a nurse in an emergency room. A CANS will rarely work in a hospital environment. They will also know exactly what to expect since patients are scheduled for treatments, whereas in hospital environments, nurses will have to address any number of conditions often with little to no advance warning.

Responsibilities of a CANSNew Call-to-action

The responsibilities of a CANS varies based on where you work. For example, in a medical spa environment, you may be responsible for a variety of aspects, from booking and confirming appointments to initial consultations and aesthetic procedures. In fact, some CANS may even be able to own their own medical spa facility depending on the regulations within your state.

A CANS who works at a physician's office, such as a plastic surgery center, will have different responsibilities than someone working at a medical spa. In such an environment, you may assist the physician during surgery or help patients who are in recovery. Whatever setting you end up practicing in as a CANS, you can expect to work closely with patients during the consultation process, the actual procedure, and the recovery period.

Some of the procedures that a CANS may assist with or even perform include injection procedures, such as Botox injections and sclerotherapy (for the purpose of eliminating varicose veins) and laser skin treatment procedures, such as photo-facials, microdermabrasion, and laser tattoo removals.

How Can You Become a CANS Certified Nurse?

To earn your CANS certification, you will first need to become an RN. This means that in addition to earning a degree, you will need to become licensed by your state to practice. Once you are an RN, you will have to obtain a position as a cosmetic nurse under the supervision of an experienced medical aesthetic provider. You'll only be able to obtain CANS certification by taking a test administered by the PSNCB (Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board). To take the test, you will need 1,000 practicing hours as a cosmetic nurse. Once you've been certified, you'll need to re-certify every three years, which will require 45 hours of continuing education.

There are many types of nursing fields to consider, CANS being one of them. If you're interested in learning how to become an RN, be sure to contact us at the Athena Career Academy in Toledo, OH, today.

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