What You Need to Know About a Medical Assistant Career

Posted by Athena Career Academy on Aug 21, 2019

What You Need to Know About a Medical Assistant Career

While many people may have heard of a medical assistant, or MA, before, there aren’t many who actually have an in depth, working knowledge of this ever growing and popular profession in the medical field.

Here are five facts you may not have heard before, but will definitely want to know if you’re considering pursuing a career as a medical assistant:

1. Job Demand is on The Rise

According to statistics, the career outlook for medical assistants remains very optimistic, with no signs of slowing down in the future.

Along with job security, salaries for medical assistants are also stable and continue to rise, making it a viable and profitable career option for many years to come.

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2. Wide Variety of Job Duties

For those up for a challenge, MA job duties are always rapidly changing and evolving, making it a fun and exciting career for those who wish to utilize a wide range of different medical assistant skills and abilities in a fast-paced work environment.

Medical assistants are cross trained in multiple areas, making them a precious commodity in the medical industry. They can not only tackle front, and back office tasks, but usually also have some training and experience handling administrative, scheduling and medical billing procedures as well.

3. Endless Career Possibilities

Unlike other jobs in the medical industry, medical assistants have the option of working in multiple different locations and settings, such as private doctor’s offices and clinics, outpatient care centers, surgical centers, weight loss clinics, specialty clinics, and more.

In addition to having a wide array of work locations to choose from, medical assistants also have the option to work in many different medical specialties like pediatrics, urgent care, surgical, obstetrics, or whatever facet within the medical field they may find interesting to explore.

4. Family Friendly Career

This may come as a surprise to many, as most careers in the healthcare field are often associated with long hours, weekend and evening shifts, overtime, and required holiday shifts. But a career as a medical assistant is great for someone with a family.

Many medical assistants work in private doctor’s offices or clinics, and get the added benefit of a more standard, traditional forty-hour work week, making it an ideal choice for parents who need to have a more predictable schedule.

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5. Certification and Education Matters

While it may still be possible to become a medical assistant via on the job training, the majority of administrative healthcare managers are seeking certified MAs, so if you go into it without one, you’re immediately at a disadvantage.

Another positive aspect of a medical assistant career is the education and training you’ll receive on the job, which is perfect for those who enjoy being challenged. As an MA, you are always learning new medical assistant skills, especially as advances in the healthcare field continue to evolve.

As you can see, a medical assistant wears many hats, and they’re a vital member of the medical team. For those individuals seeking a unique and fulfilling career brimming with excitement and endless possibilities, medical assisting might just be the perfect opportunity you didn’t even know you were looking for. Schedule a campus tour at Athena Career Academy today!

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